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A Preview of the Trump Administration’s FY2018 Budget Request

Please consider joining CSBA Research Fellow Katherine Blakeley for a preview of the Trump Administration’s FY2018 budget request, where she will present forecasts of the overall defense budget and major service priorities.  Kate will discuss the major decision points for the Trump administration, and highlight divergences of the Trump administration’s budget request from the Budget Control Act caps and the FY17 Obama defense budget.

2017 Directed Energy Summit

The 2017 Directed Energy Summit focused on informing decision-makers across the U.S. defense policy, operational, funding and acquisition communities on the potential development and deployment of directed energy (DE) capabilities (high energy lasers, high power microwave/RF systems, and electronic warfare) within the next five years.

CSBA Report Release—Restoring American Seapower: A New Fleet Architecture for the United States Navy

The United States faces a very different set of security challenges than it has since the Cold War. Great power competitors such as China and Russia improved their military capabilities over the last two decades while America focused on Middle East insurgencies, and now appear willing to challenge the international order. They are likely to replace transnational terrorism in the near future as the primary concern of U.S. military planners. Gaining an advantage in great power competitions, deterring aggression, and reassuring allies will require changes to the ships, aircraft, weapons, sensors, basing, and readiness processes of U.S. naval forces, which essentially operated unopposed since the Berlin Wall fell. CSBA’s Restoring American Seapower: A New Fleet Architecture for the United States Navy explores those implications and proposes a new fleet construct for the U.S. Navy to pursue over the next two decades.