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CNO: Warfighting Trumps Presence; ORP, EW Win; LCS Likely Loser

By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

January 05, 2016

...Lots of details remain to be determined, as is only to be expected from an eight-page vision. “I was struck, in particular, by the section on strengthening naval power at and from the sea,” said Robert Martinage, former under secretary of the Navy. “While the ORP [Ohio Replacement Program] was specifically called out, as was electronic warfare, the capabilities needed to ‘address blue water scenarios far from land and power projection ashore in a highly informationalized and contested environments’ were not.”

“The implications of actually aligning the fleet toward that objective, however, are potentially profound,” Martinage told me. “At a minimum, one would think that would entail the composition and load out of the surface fleet (e.g., more offensive strike [as opposed to missile defense]), the balance between the surface and undersea fleets, and the make up of the future carrier air wing (i.e., the ability to strike at longer range in non-permissive environments).”

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