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HASC Chairman Proposes Defense Strategy for Next President

…The House Armed Services Committee chairman from Clarendon, Texas, co-authored the article with Andrew Krepinevich Jr., a national defense expert at Leesburg, Virginia-based Solarium and a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. The piece offers their thoughts on a defense strategy the new president will need deploy to successfully protect the country and its interests.

"With the current approach failing, the next president will need to formulate a new defense strategy," they wrote. "It should include three basic elements: a clear statement of what the United States seeks to achieve, an understanding of the resources available for those goals, and guidance as to how those resources will be used." Their strategy, they contend, if followed will go toward preventing power grabs by other countries such as Russia and China, and allow continued access to the worlds unowned oceans, air space and space...

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