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Navy’s Dilemma: What Kind Of Presence?


…2013, Clark said, Adm. Greenert and Sec. Mabus decided to keep building ships as fast as possible, at the price of slowing the deployment of new capabilities. Research and development on new technologies continued, however, to keep open the option of upgrading the ships later. “The emphasis,” said Clark, “was clearly on sustaining as much capacity as possible, while maintaining the ability to ramp up new capability when resources became available.”..

...Robert Martinage, former Navy undersecretary, put it this way: “I think there’s some concern in OSD [Office of the Secretary of Defense] that — albeit at the request of the COCOMs — the Navy has been focused too much on presence for presence sake (aka BPC/TSC engagement) and not enough on preparing for projecting power, including in contested environments...

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