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Nunn-McCurdy Terms May Complicate GPS OCX Money Fix

…Alternatively, the $39 million also might be needed for a time-critical purpose, suggested Katherine Blakeley, a research fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Although she was not familiar with the specifics of the OCX program, Blakeley said it was possible that getting the money in at the right time could make a difference in putting the program back on track in a way that could avoid longer delay…

"You could have the comptroller's office looking ahead to the impact of a potential CR," said Blakeley," particularly given that this reprogramming request was submitted right around the time the program was known to be entering into a Nunn-McCurdy breach. [DoD may] want to get the program funds to get its restructure squared away — kind of as a hedge against a potential CR that could be several months in duration."

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