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US, Japan Sign Arms Trade Pact: Missile Defense Co-Production & More

By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

...Conversely, Japan already produces variants of some US systems under license or joint production agreements: Fuji’s UH-1J Huey helicopter, for example, or the F-16 derivative F-2 fighter. Overall, said Bryan Clark, a former aide to the Chief of Naval Operations now with the Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments, “Japan imports US technology in key areas such as undersea warfare, electronic warfare, stealth, and strike weapons, rather than the other way around.” Instead, the practical impact of the agreement — at least in the near term — is that it eases the sale of high-tech Japanese components for US weapons systems. “We don’t normally buy whole platforms from other countries, but some foreign components and mission systems such as weapons, sensors, jammer pods, etc. are more effective than current US capabilities,” said Clark. “In the past, RDPs have mostly increased the purchases of component parts from foreign suppliers for larger systems that are built by US companies.”..

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