John Stillion

Senior Fellow

Dr. Stillion is a former U.S. Air Force officer, instructor navigator, and tactical aviator. He is a Distinguished Graduate of Air Force ROTC, USAF Navigator Training, and RF-4C Tactical Aircrew Training.

He previously worked at the RAND Corporation where he led multi-disciplinary study teams and analyzed a wide range of issues related to airpower and future warfare, including air operations in urban environments and against elusive targets, airbase vulnerability, combat aircrew skill acquisition and retention, tanker and airlift operations, aerial ISR, and fire support to Special Operations Forces. During his time at RAND he received a number of awards for the quality of his research.

Prior to joining CSBA Dr. Stillion was a Senior Analyst in the aerospace industry where he analyzed the cost-effectiveness of existing and possible future products as well as the emerging demand for advanced capabilities and production techniques.

Before that he led a multi-disciplinary team of analysts and engineers at exploring advanced applications of stealthy unmanned aircraft in future conflicts.


B.A. in Political Science
North Carolina State University

M.A. in Political Science
Stanford University

Ph.D and M.Phil. in Public Policy Analysis
Pardee RAND Graduate School