Julian Snelder

Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Julian Snelder is a New Zealand-Netherlands dual national, resident in Asia for more than 25 years. He worked for the management consultancy McKinsey & Company for eight years, then for Morgan Stanley for eight years, the latter role as head of technology investment banking for Asia. Since 2005 he has been director and partner in an emerging market investment fund.

Mr. Snelder has worked extensively in China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. He has advised corporate and government clients on mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and capital investment, business planning and budget planning, privatization, and industrial policy. His particular interest is the broad application of commercial information and manufacturing technologies to matters of national security. He writes regularly on this topic and has contributed to publications of the United States Naval War College.

Amongst Mr. Snelder’s publications are: China’s march up the manufacturing value chain causing angst aplenty (The Interpreter, June 2016), Is there room for foreigner carmakers in China’s electric future (The Interpreter, February 2016), Japan and China wrestle for ascendancy in Southeast Asia's railway Great Game (The Interpreter, February 2016), The next oil shock: Peak demand (The Interpreter, January 2016), The next geo-financial battle: Is China a market economy? (The Interpreter, January 2016), Memory loss: China's high stakes gamble in the tech industry's bloodiest segment (The Interpreter, December 2015), Seeing red over Chinese metal exports (The Interpreter, November 2015), Humanity's carbon countdown ( The Interpreter, September 2015), Choking aviation system threatens China's ambitions (The Interpreter, August 2015), Peak box? Global container trade is slackening (The Interpreter, July 2015), Washington is targeting Chinese scientists in America, and so is Beijing (The Interpreter, May 2015), China's dangerous cyberwar strategy (The Interpreter, May 2015), Taiwan: A fierce economic fortress (The Interpreter, May 2015), Chinese firms expect bonanza from Beijing's regional development projects (The Interpreter, April 2015), China's reserve-currency ambition (The Interpreter, March 2015), Is China competitive enough? (The Interpreter, March 2015), Giganto-capitalism: China takes another wrong turn (The Interpreter, March 2015), Debt, not GDP growth, is the number to watch in China (The Interpreter, February 2015), Is China fragile? (The Interpreter, January 2015), Genetically modified food: The sum of all China's fears (The Interpreter, November 2014), and China plans a global bullet-train dynasty (November 2014), China: The Pentagon’s Great Industrial Challenge (The National Interest, November 2016).


Bachelors in Economics
Trinity College Cambridge

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
University of Canterbury