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CSBA Analysis

Interview with Bryan Clark: Navy’s ‘shrink or swim’ dilemma

November 20, 2015 • By Analysis

Bryan Clark joined Tom Temin on Federal Drive to talk about the stresses being felt by the Navy and Marine Corps as they cope with a high operational tempo and the…

Deploying Beyond Their Means: The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps at a Tipping Point

November 18, 2015 • By Analysis

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are operating today under unsustainable levels of stress because of a fundamental mismatch between the demands placed on them and their supply of ready…

Interview with Bryan Clark: Congress expected to finalize defense cuts

November 4, 2015 • By Analysis

In an interview with Scott Maucione of Federal News Radio, Bryan Clark explained how the Defense Department will be affected by the fiscal shortfall it is facing and described the steps it can take…

Interview with Mark Gunzinger: Northrop Grumman’s USAF Bomber Win

November 2, 2015 • By Analysis

In an interview with Vago Muradian of Defense News, Mark Gunzinger explains that the Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) will fill a critical capability gap for the Air Force and anchor a future…

Interview with Bryan Clark: U.S. Considers Sending Ships to South China Sea

October 26, 2015 • By Analysis

In an interview with Anthony Kuhn on Morning Edition, Bryan Clark discusses the U.S. Navy’s proposed freedom of navigation maneuvers in the South China Sea and the potential consequences of China’s increasingly…