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In A2/AD Showcase, Iranian Navy Sinks Nimitz Carrier Mock-Up

February 28, 2015 • In the News • Original: The Diplomat

This week, Iranian television broadcasted a video showing the destruction of a U.S. warship replica near Larak Island, close to the strategically vital entrance to the Strait of Hormuz,  during…

Admiral Says China Outnumbers U.S. in Attack Submarines

February 26, 2015 • In the News • Original: DoD Buzz

The Chinese navy now operates a greater number of attack submarines than the U.S. Navy and is rapidly expanding the scope of their undersea missions and patrols, U.S. Navy leaders…

Why the New Bomber is a Good Investment

February 26, 2015 • In the News • Original: War on the Rocks

Should the bomber go the way of the battleship? That is what T.X. Hammes recently suggested here at War on the Rocks (“Rethinking Deep Strike in the 21st Century”). Hammes…

Issue Tracker: Advice For Hawks

February 25, 2015 • In the News • Original: Defense News

Members of both parties seem resigned that sequestration is here to stay. Pro-Pentagon members seem frustrated and increasingly at a loss about how to make their colleagues sympathize with their…

USAF Downplays T-X ‘Red Air’ Option

February 22, 2015 • In the News • Original: Defense News

The T-X trainer replacement program is one of the US Air Force’s top recapitalization programs, viewed as vital by service leaders as they prepare to train the next generation of…