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CSBA In the News

Directed Energy Summit Featured in Aviation Week

August 28, 2015 • Events, In the News • Original: Aviation Weekly & Space Technology

On July 28th the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and Booz Allen Hamilton co-hosted the first Directed Energy Summit, which brought together senior leaders from Congress, the Department of Defense,…

Amid Pressure To Keep A-10 Alive, USAF Explores Close-Air Support’s Future

August 26, 2015 • In the News • Original: Defense News

As pressure builds on the US Air Force to keep the beloved A-10 alive despite crushing budget cuts, the service is taking another look at the future of close-air support…

Coming to a War Near You: Hypersonic Weapons

August 24, 2015 • In the News • Original: The National Interest

There is a great deal of talk about hypersonic weapons and their possible impact on the battlefield. Some consider them the ultimate weapon of war, others feel they are merely…

Panel Says U.S. Missile Defenses Inadequate Against Chinese Threat

August 20, 2015 • In the News • Original: Seapower Magazine

China is rapidly increasing the size, variety and capabilities of its missile force and the United States must change how it defends both the homeland and its forward-deployed forces in…

Return Of The ABL? Missile Defense Agency Works On Laser Drone

August 17, 2015 • In the News • Original: Breaking Defense

Three years after the Missile Defense Agency mothballed its massive Airborne Laser, MDA is planning to reboot the concept for a new era. The old ABL was Boeing 747 with a…