“The U.S. military needs a new offset strategy for projecting power effectively and affordably across the threat spectrum. While it must take account of America’s fiscal circumstances, the central purpose of such strategy must be to address the most pressing military challenge that we face: maintaining our ability to project power globally to deter potential adversaries and reassure allies and friends despite the emergence of A2/AD threats.

This can be achieved by leveraging U.S. “core competencies” in unmanned systems and automation, extended-range and low-observable air operations, undersea warfare, and complex system engineering and integration to enable new operational concepts for projecting power. As used here, a core competency is defined as a complex combination of technology, the industrial base, skilled manpower, training, doctrine, and practical experience that enables the U.S. military to conduct strategically useful operations that are difficult for rivals to duplicate or counter.”

– Robert Martinage, Statement Before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces