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The Emerging Era in Undersea Warfare

January 22, 2015 • By

This report describes how undersea competitions evolved over the last century, the disruptive trends that may lead to a new era in undersea warfare, and the elements that will comprise…

Hard ROC 2.0: Taiwan and Deterrence Through Protraction

December 21, 2014 • By , and

Despite the recent ostensible improvements in relations between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, the deteriorating cross-strait military balance continues to worry leaders in Taipei.  Taiwan is long past…

The Role of Maritime and Air Power in DoD’s Third Offset Strategy

December 2, 2014 • By

“The U.S. military needs a new offset strategy for projecting power effectively and affordably across the threat spectrum. While it must take account of America’s fiscal circumstances, the central purpose…

Commanding the Seas: A Plan to Reinvigorate U.S. Navy Surface Warfare

November 17, 2014 • By

Within the next year, the Navy must take advantage of an uncommon opportunity to set the course for the future surface fleet or fall further behind competitors who will increasingly…

Beyond Coast Artillery: Cross-Domain Denial and the Army

October 29, 2014 • By

Secretary Hagel recently made waves in Army circles by suggesting that the Army leverage its missile forces to resume the old mission of coastal defense. In this brief, CSBA Research…