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Analysis of the FY 2017 Defense Budget and Trends in Defense Spending

August 5, 2016 • By

As the last budget request of the Obama Administration, the FY 2017 request largely continues the shift towards greater investment in the high-end capabilities necessary in a new strategic era…

FY 2017 Weapon Systems Factbook

August 4, 2016 • By , and

Each year, the Department of Defense (DoD) submits Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) to Congress detailing the status, plans, and funding requirements for almost eighty Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs). The most…

Extended Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age

May 31, 2016 • By

Ever since the early days of the Cold War, extended nuclear deterrence has been one of the most important but challenging aspects of American strategy. During the past 25 years,…

Winning The Salvo Competition: Rebalancing America’s Air And Missile Defenses

May 20, 2016 • By and

Over the last fifteen years, the Department of Defense spent more than $24 billion buying a mix of capabilities to defeat guided missile threats to U.S. and partner naval forces…

Rethinking Armageddon

March 1, 2016 • By and

The First Nuclear Age was characterized by the Cold War era bipolar international system and a corresponding bipolar nuclear competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. While a…