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Rethinking Armageddon

March 1, 2016 • By and

The First Nuclear Age was characterized by the Cold War era bipolar international system and a corresponding bipolar nuclear competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. While a…

FY 2016 Weapon Systems Factbook

February 24, 2016 • By and

Each year, the Department of Defense (DoD) submits Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) to Congress detailing the status, plans, and funding requirements for more than 80 major acquisition programs. The most recent…

A Vision of Future Aerial Combat

December 11, 2015 • By and

CSBA’s historical analysis of air-to-air combat, detailed in the 2015 report titled Trends in Air-to-Air Combat: Implications for Future Air Superiority by Dr. John Stillion, assessed how advances in sensor,…

Winning The Airwaves: Regaining America’s Dominance In The Electromagnetic Spectrum

December 1, 2015 • By and

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is one of the most critical operational domains in modern warfare, but its use in military operations is rapidly changing. In the same way smartphones and…

Deploying Beyond Their Means: America’s Navy and Marine Corps At a Tipping Point

November 18, 2015 • By and

Today the Navy and Marine Corps are facing a fundamental choice: maintain current levels of forward presence and risk breaking the force or reduce presence and restore readiness through adequate…