40th Anniversary of The Journal of Strategic Studies

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and The Journal of Strategic Studies hosted a discussion on the state of the field of strategic studies. The discussion included a view of the current state of the field and a look to the future.

The Journal of Strategic Studies Background:

Entering its 40th year, The Journal of Strategic Studies has taken a lead in promoting fresh thinking in the field among scholars and practitioners alike. Over the course of its history, the Journal has been committed to multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of war. It has featured articles that challenge our historical understanding of humanity’s efforts to achieve political ends through the application of military and diplomatic means; articles on contemporary security and theoretical controversies of enduring value; and of course articles that explicitly combine the historical and theoretical approaches to the study of modern warfare, defense policy and modern strategy. 

  • Dr. Thomas Mahnken, CSBA President and JSS Editor
  • Dr. Joe Maiolo, Professor of International History, King’s College London and JSS Editor
  • Ambassador Eric Edelman, CSBA Counselor
  • Dr. Hal Brands, CSBA Senior Fellow
  • Dr. Toshi Yoshihara, CSBA Senior Fellow