"Nobody does defense policy better than CSBA. Their work on strategic and budgetary topics manages to combine first-rate quality and in-depth research with timeliness and accessibility—which is why so many professionals consider their products indispensable." – Gideon Rose, Editor, Foreign Affairs.

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Dealing With Allies in Decline: Alliance Management and U.S. Strategy in an Era of Global Power Shifts

Dealing with Allies in Decline: Alliance Management and U.S. Strategy in an Era of Global Power Shifts is the latest study by CSBA Senior Fellow Hal Brands. In the monograph, Brands argues that although America's alliances are a source of great geopolitical strength, the difficult reality is that shifts in global economic and military power have left many of America's traditional allies with significantly diminished relative standing and capabilities.


CSBA 2016 Annual Report

For nearly two decades, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) has provided consistent, high-quality, and innovative research on defense strategy, budgets, and the security environment. CSBA experts have worked to analyze U.S. defense strategy, force structure and planning, and defense budgets in the effort to reconcile these interrelated subjects. CSBA remains instrumental in guiding the nation’s most critical defense policy debates as a small, powerful group comprising experts with extensive experience in the field of national security—many of them military veterans and former senior level policy makers from the Department of Defense, State Department, and the National Security Council—supported by a dedicated staff of accomplished executives and scholars.


Critical Assumptions and American Grand Strategy

Every grand strategy rests on a set of critical assumptions about how the world works.  Today, the assumptions underpinning American grand strategy are becoming more contested and uncertain than at any time in a generation.