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Barack Obama and the Dilemmas of American Grand Strategy

Did the Obama administration have a grand strategy? Yes, if one defines grand strategy realistically. Was it effective? That record was more ambiguous, revealing fundamental dilemmas of contemporary U.S. grand strategy that are unlikely to disappear anytime soon.


Advancing Beyond the Beach - Amphibious Operations in an Era of Precision Weapons

“Amphibious operations have been an element of naval warfare since ships first went to sea. For more than 2,000 years, naval forces have exploited coastal waters as maneuver space to attack their enemies' weak points, reinforce their own positions, and support littoral sea control. Since World War II, America has maintained the largest and most ready amphibious fleet in the world with an average of more than ten ships and 6,000 Marines on deployment every day since World War II. These forces have conducted more than 100 amphibious operations to cope with disasters, evacuate civilians, destroy coastal targets, and help U.S. allies and partners respond to crises.”