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How Donald Trump Can Stave Off Defeat In The South China Sea

What should the Trump administration do about Beijing’s adventurism in the South China Sea? China is asserting sovereignty over some 80 percent of this strategic waterway and reinforcing its claim by maintaining by far the largest military, coastguard and maritime militia presence in the region.


Stress-Testing The Foundations Of American Grand Strategy

How solid are the assumptions underpinning American grand strategy? How valid are the key ideas that U.S. officials have about how the world works? Such assumptions represent the intellectual foundation upon which American statecraft rests. If the foundation is solid, American strategy has a decent chance of success. If the foundation is shaky, American strategy may collapse.


Barack Obama and the Dilemmas of American Grand Strategy

Did the Obama administration have a grand strategy? Yes, if one defines grand strategy realistically. Was it effective? That record was more ambiguous, revealing fundamental dilemmas of contemporary U.S. grand strategy that are unlikely to disappear anytime soon.