Workshop:  Current State and Long-Term Prospects for China’s Defense and Strategic Technological Development

At the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress in October 2017, China’s supreme leader Xi Jinping offered a confident vision of China’s growing long-term influence and might in the international system. He said that China should reach the first tier of the world’s most innovative countries by 2035 and at the same time, the military would realize its objectives of becoming a fully modern force. By 2050, China should challenge for global military and technological leadership.

  • Are these goals realistic and achievable within the timeline put forward by Xi?
  • How will China undertake this grand transformation?
  • What are the domestic political, economic, technological, and military dynamics at play in China’s efforts to achieve these goals?
  • What are the geo-strategic and geo-economic implications if China is successful?

Support for this workshop comes from a grant from the U.S. Army Research Office and is affiliated with the DOD Minerva Initiative.


IGCC Workshop Agenda 

7:30-8 am    Registration and Breakfast
8-8:15 am    Introductory Remarks: Tai Ming Cheung

Session 1:     Overview and Political Dynamics
8:15-9:15 am    The Current State of China’s Defense Technological Development: Tai Ming Cheung, UC San Diego
9:15-10 am       Chinese Leadership Politics Under Xi Jinping: Current State and Future Prospects:  Susan Shirk, UC San Diego

Session 2:     Economics
10:15-11 am      The Changing Nature of the Chinese Economy and its Implications for China’s Defense and Strategic Aspirations:  Barry Naughton, UC San Diego

Session 3:     China’s Pursuit of Strategic High-Technology
11-11:45 am     Semi-Conductors:  Jimmy Goodrich, U.S. Semiconductors Association 
11:45am-1pm    Lunch
1-1:45 pm         Artificial Intelligence:  Elsa Kania, Center for a New American Security 

Session 4:     International and Strategic Perspectives
2-2:45 pm         China-Russian Defense Technological Cooperation: Vasily Kashin, High School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
12:45-3:30 pm    Assessing the State of the US Export Control Regime Towards China:  Hugo Meijer, European University Institute (Florence, Italy)
4.15-5 pm          U.S. Strategic Perspectives:  Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment
5 pm                  Workshop Ends

To register contact Marie Thiveos Stewart at or 858.822.4959.

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