Our People

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The heart of CSBA is its staff of uniquely qualified defense experts who conduct in-depth strategic and budgetary analyses.

A Message From Our President and CEO

CSBA has been at the forefront of thinking through our county’s tough strategic challenges for more than 20 years. Throughout its history, CSBA has had an impact on national security policy far out-measuring its size. CSBA’s outstanding reputation for bringing expert knowledge to bear during the government policy-making process is directly attributable to the expertise and insight of our staff, the counsel of our Board of Directors, and of course the support of our many sponsors.

We rely on our world-class staff, which has justifiably earned a reputation for delivering independent, non-partisan analysis. 

We remain the center of excellence for defense budget and resource assessments, helping senior government officials understand budget trends, the second- and third-order implications of strategic budgetary choices, and how these factors affect the overall context of U.S. defense policy and strategy.


Thomas G. Mahnken
President and Chief Executive Officer