High Resolution Logos

Here you can download CSBA logos and view the CSBA Style Guide.

About CSBA's Logo

The CSBA logo is the primary and most recognizable visual identifier of the CSBA brand. It should always be treated respectfully and never altered. Please only use the approved logo files and follow the guidelines outlined in this document.


  • Alter or redraw logo
  • Alter spacing between the letters
  • Alter the logo color
  • Rotate/skew the logo
  • Enclose the logo in a box
  • Bleed the logo off an edge
  • Place an outline around the logo
  • Fill the logo with a pattern or texture
  • Stretch or condense the logo
  • Combine the logo with your own tagline
  • Combine the logo with other graphic elements
  • Place the logo on a background that makes it hard to see

For media inquiries contact:

CSBA Media Center
(202) 331-7990

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