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CSBA’s Analysis of the 2022 Defense Budget Request

Today, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments releases its analysis of the FY 2022 Defense Budget Request, Slow and Steady. In this report, CSBA Fellow and Director of Defense Budget Studies Travis Sharp analyzes the FY 2022 Defense Department Budget Request with a focus not only on comparisons with the previous administration's defense budgets but also on the insights into the current and future strategic priorities for the Biden Administration. As Sharp assesses, the request is "slow" – released at a later date than any new administration's first budget in almost a century – and "steady" in terms of its topline and respective outlays to individual services. Continuity does not necessarily presage future stagnation, however. Drawing upon historical budget patterns and fiscal policy, Sharp forecasts areas in which future resource shifts may occur, as well as what this year’s budget may indicate for future allocations. This report is 36th in a series of annual budget analyses published by CSBA and its predecessor organization.