Report Release Webinar—Deterrence and Defense in the Baltic Region: New Realities

CSBA hosted a webinar discussion regarding CSBA’s latest publication, Deterrence and Defense in the Baltic Region: New Realities, by Jan van Tol, Chris Bassler, Katherine Kjellström Elgin, and Tyler Hacker, on Wednesday, June 15

The report examines Baltic deterrence and defense requirements in the context of Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The war has provided an opportunity to understand the implications for NATO stemming from Russia's demonstrated willingness to use large-scale military force against another European nation, reassess pre-war assumptions concerning putative Russian military effectiveness, and to draw preliminary observations about Russian and Ukrainian combat performance. These observations help inform analysis about major aspects of defense of the Baltic region, with an emphasis on the key roles of precision-guided weapons. The authors conclude with a series of recommendations for the Baltic states, for NATO, and for the United States to enhance deterrence and defense in eastern Europe, with emphasis on the Baltic region.




Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken, President and CEO, CSBA

Amb. Kristjan Prikk, Estonian Ambassador to the United States

Mr. Kusti Salm, Permanent Secretary, Estonian Ministry of Defence


Authors’ Discussion:

Jan van Tol, Senior Fellow, CSBA

Dr. Chris Bassler, Senior Fellow, CSBA

Dr. Katherine Kjellström Elgin, Fellow, CSBA

Tyler Hacker, Analyst, CSBA



Amb. Kristjan Prikk

Mr. Kusti Salm


Audience Q&A

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