Five Priorities for the Air Force’s Future Combat Air Force

The 2018 National Defense Strategy mandates increasing the capacity, lethality, and survivability of America's joint force in the threat environments of the 21st century. CSBA’s latest report assesses five critical priorities for the U.S. Air Force’s combat air force (CAF) in support of these objectives. The report recommends accelerated procurement of the F-35A, the B-21 stealth bomber, new unmanned systems, and weapons that would increase the CAF’s survivability and ability to operate over long ranges. The report also assesses the Air Force’s ability to generate combat sorties from resilient bases in the Indo-Pacific and Europe. The report's authors argue for an enhanced ability to disperse forward-deployed combat air forces, defend against Chinese or Russian missile attacks on operating locations, and reduce reliance on vulnerable base infrastructure. The report argues for a significant increase in USAF acquisition funding over the next decade to address the growing gap between the Air Force’s combat capabilities and current requirements as articulated in the National Defense Strategy.

Join us for a discussion of Five Priorities for the Air Force’s Future Combat Air Force, with CSBA President and CEO Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken, CSBA Non-Resident Senior Fellows Mark Gunzinger and Dr. Carl Rehberg and Analyst Lukas Autenried.

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