Reinforcing the Front Line: U.S. Defense Strategy and the Rise of China

Join Dr. Tom Mahnken, CSBA President, for a discussion of Reinforcing The Front Line. 

With some of the world's largest economies, most vital sea lanes, and closest U.S. allies, the Asia-Pacific Region is centrally important to today's international system.

It is also home to the first new great power of the twenty-first century: the People's Republic of China. Managing China's rise will not be easy. In recent years, Beijing has been modernizing its military forces, acting more assertively, and raising the risk of escalation, especially with respect to territorial disputes throughout its near seas.

In Reinforcing the Front Line: U.S. Defense Strategy and the Rise of China, CSBA Senior Fellow Evan Montgomery outlines the key elements of a U.S. defense strategy for the region-one that is based on the enduring grand strategy of global leadership and engagement, but also recognizes the new challenges posed by China's growing military power.  

This paper is the first of three reports that provide detailed regional recommendations based upon the defense strategy outlined in Andrew F. Krepinevich's Preserving the Balance: A U.S. Eurasia Defense Strategy. 

Forthcoming reports will examine challenges in Europe and the Middle East.

  • Tom Mahnken, CSBA President and CEO
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