Winning the Invisible War: Gaining an Enduring U.S. Advantage in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Participating in the release of CSBA’s latest major study, several CSBA scholars and outside experts offered new insights and analysis on the military implications of emerging sensor and communications technologies. CSBA Senior Fellow Bryan Clark, Senior Analyst Whitney Morgan McNamara, and Research Fellow Timothy A. Walton discussed how the growing sophistication of civilian and military electromagnetic spectrum capabilities has resulted in an increasingly congested and contested electromagnetic environment. They also presented findings on how the U.S. military is failing behind Chinese and Russian forces in electronic warfare, and how a more strategic approach is needed to guide U.S. initiatives in this critical domain.

A video link to the seminar is available below, in addition to still photographs of the event.

Event Photos

Pat Flood, office of Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE)
CSBA Senior Analyst Whitney Morgan McNamara
CSBA Senior Fellow Bryan Clark
CSBA Senior Analyst Whitney Morgan McNamara; Steve Tourangeau and Melinda Tourangeau, Warrior Support Solutions; and CSBA Senior Fellow Bryan Clark