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CSBA Bolsters Its Research and Publications Team

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) has added three new members to its professional staff, enhancing its analytical and editorial capabilities while underscoring its commitment to diversity and inclusion across its professional ranks.

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CSBA Appoints Chris Bassler as Senior Fellow

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), a premier institution for understanding the future of international competition and conflict, today announced the appointment of Dr. Chris Bassler as a Senior Fellow, effective immediately. Chris joins CSBA following an exceptionally distinguished career in government, and he will contribute to the organization’s research on joint aerospace capabilities, maritime operating concepts, and overall U.S. military strategy.

Press Releases

CSBA Appoints David Zikusoka as Research Fellow in Aerospace Studies

CSBA today announced the appointment of David Zikusoka as a Research Fellow in Aerospace Studies. Dave will join CSBA on February 10 and will conduct research and analysis on integrated concepts of air, space and cyber power, assessing the impact of all aerospace domains on U.S. and allied strategy. 

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CSBA: USAF Must Get Bigger, Stealthier, Faster, and More Spread Out

The Air Force isn’t well structured to carry out the National Defense Strategy, and in order to deter a major war, it must add more and stealthier aircraft, expand its use of unmanned systems, accelerate the development of new technology, and learn to operate from more dispersed locations, according to a new report from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

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US Think Tank Calls for ‘Fundamental Reshape’ of US Surface Fleet to Defeat Chinese Threat

The US-based Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments has launched a new report revealing the growing need for what it defines as a “fundamental reshape” of the US Navy’s surface force, adapting new technologies, greater payloads, longer range offensive weapons and ‘distributed lethality’ concepts to counter China’s rising capabilities.

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Is Russia Better at Electronic and Ground Warfare Than America?

Key point: Moscow has gotten good at jamming advanced American systems. The U.S. military is spending more and more on electronic-warfare systems, all in a desperate bid to keep pace with China and Russia’s own investments in jammers.