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CSBA Announces New Advisory Council of National Security and Defense Leaders

The Center Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) announced today that it has launched the CSBA Council, an advisory board composed of accomplished individuals whose interests in contemporary security debates coincide with CSBA’s mission. The CSBA Council will further the institute’s efforts to develop innovative, resource-informed defense concepts, promote public debate, and spur policies to advance the interests of the United States and its allies.

Press Releases

CSBA Launches Congressional Defense Seminar Series

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), the world’s premier center for understanding future international competition and conflict, announced today the launching of its inaugural Congressional Defense Seminar Series. This highly selective program will bring together professional staff members from Congress for an evening series of topical seminars that aims to provide staffers with the tools to master the conceptual foundations of defense policy as well as the intricacies of contemporary national security processes.

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Meeting Threats Within Our Means: Spurring Innovation in the Pentagon by Thomas G. Mahnken

Developing innovative operational concepts and fielding new organizations and capabilities to overcome these challenges should become the urgent focus of Defense Department investment. In an era of constrained resources, those concepts and capabilities that offer the greatest strategic and operational leverage should receive preferential funding over those that do not.