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Paul Selva to Join CSBA Board of Directors

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), a premier institution for understanding the future of international competition and conflict, today announced the election of General Paul J. Selva, USAF, (ret.) to its Board of Directors.

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CSBA Launches Defense Journalism Seminar Series

CSBA, building on the success of its recent Congressional Defense Seminar Series (CDSS), announced today the launch of a new national security seminar aimed at journalists working the defense beat for both trade and general interest media outlets. This program will bring together reporters and writers for a virtual series of interactive seminars that illuminate the conceptual foundations of defense policy as well as the intricacies of contemporary national security processes. The forum will comprise four evening sessions beginning in January 2021 and will feature senior CSBA leaders and advisors, independent national security experts, and veterans of defense journalism.

Press Releases

CSBA Announces 2020 Congressional Defense Seminar Fellows

CSBA is pround to announce a new group of fellows for the CSBA Congressional Defense Seminar Series. This seminar series is an in-depth bipartisan program for Congressional staff members. This evening series of topical seminars aims to provide staffers with the tools to master the conceptual foundations of defense policy as well as the intricacies of contemporary national security processes. The forum, which will feature senior CSBA scholars and outside national security experts, will launch its second season this week with a session on strategy and force planning.

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Battle Force 2045: The U.S. Navy’s Bold Plan for a 500-Ship Fleet

On Tuesday, speaking at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper unveiled a U.S. Navy force design titled “Battle Force 2045.” Administration policy and the law of the land require the navy to construct a 355-ship fleet, up from just under 300 today. If properly funded and executed, Secretary Esper’s plan would produce a 355-ship fleet by 2035—but only as an interim step toward a 500-ship fleet in 2045.

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Morning Defense—A 500-Ship Navy

“Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday outlined a plan to grow the Navy to 500 ships by 2045, a major expansion for the sea service that he says will be paid for by using savings from Pentagon reform efforts,” Seligman reports.