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China Denies Interfering in Aussie Affairs

"China has certainly been active, essentially campaigning for political influence here," he told ABC Radio. "It has been involved in a raft of indirect activities through a range of business people, some of whom are ethnic Chinese, some of whom are not."

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Shutdown Deadline: Tomorrow

2018 defense spending is capped at $549 billion. The White House requested $603 billion. The House and Senate Armed Services Committees want to spend $640 billion. For those numbers and far, far more, head over to the detailed analysis of the presidential budget request released yesterday by CSBA’s Katherine Blakeley.

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South China Sea Militarization: Fighters in the Paracels and Combat Logistics

As a result, there are signs that U.S. strategic thinkers have given significant thought to the problems that Woody Island might pose in a potential military conflict with China, and how to neutralize it. A major fleet architecture study conducted earlier this year by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Analysis for the U.S. Congress used an unlabeled graphic of Woody Island to illustrate new concepts for conducting amphibious raids against fortified archipelagos.

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Overhaul of Counter-Espionage Laws Long Overdue: Expert

Dr Ross Babbage, who is a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington, says activities already being undertaken by foreign powers in this country have made the crackdown necessary.

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Defense Industry Will Be Hurt by Government Shutdown, Even If It’s Brief

"In past shutdowns, including the longer shutdown in 2013, those people were paid retroactively," Blakeley said. "But there's no guarantee about that until Congress gets their act together and actually passes either a short-term spending bill or ideally a longer-term budget deal."