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Did Dollars Follow Strategy? A Review of the FY 2020 Defense Budget

On 1 October, the U.S. federal government ushers in its Fiscal Year (FY) 2020. If policymakers approve the $738 billion national defense budget – the amount agreed to by the White House and Congressional leaders in a July 2019 agreement – military spending will have increased in real terms for the fifth consecutive year.

U.S. Missile Options in a Post-INF World

In a new CSBA study on the subject, Leveling the Playing Field: Reintroducing U.S. Theater-Range Missiles in a Post-INF World, authors Jacob Cohn, Timothy A. Walton, Adam Lemon, and Toshi Yoshihara explore the potential strategic and operational contributions of ground-launched theater-range missiles to U.S. defense strategy.

Winning Without Fighting and Stealing a March

CSBA Senior Fellow Ross Babbage discusses two new CSBA reports on political warfare campaigns by Russia and China as well as Chinese hybrid warfare operations in the Indo-Pacific region. Babbage and CSBA Counselor Eric Edelman discuss the implications of these global challenges for U.S. and its allies, along with key policy recommendations. Discussion moderated by CSBA President and CEO Thomas Mahnken.

SUSTAINING THE FIGHT: Resilient Maritime Logistics for a New Era

Join us on 16 May with Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer and the report’s authors as we discuss CSBA’s new report, Sustaining the Fight: Resilient Maritime Logistics for a New Era. The report that finds that the United States lacks the right maritime logistics force to support the 2018 National Defense Strategy in general and major military operations in a war with China or Russia in particular.