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Strengthening the Defense of NATO’s Eastern Frontier

Our authors offer a new strategy for deterring and, if necessary, defeating Russian aggression against NATO in the Baltic region and make recommendations for enhancing the U.S. forward posture in Europe and improving Poland’s military capabilities and force structure to support this strategy.

Book Talk:  The Lessons of Tragedy by Hal Brands and Charles Edel

Join us at CSBA as two distinguished historians argue that a tragic sensibility is necessary if America and its allies are to address the dangers that menace the international order today. Tragedy may be commonplace, Brands and Edel argue, but it is not inevitable—so long as we regain an appreciation of the world’s tragic nature before it is too late.

REGAINING THE HIGH GROUND AT SEA: Transforming the U.S. Navy’s Carrier Air Wing for Great Power Competition

This report examines trends in U.S. strategy, capabilities, and threats between now and 2040 to describe the operational concepts carrier aircraft will likely need to use in the future, as well as the implications for how carrier air wings should evolve during the next 20 years.

AIR AND MISSILE DEFENSE AT A CROSSROADS: New Concepts and Technologies to Defend America’s Overseas Bases

Despite these investments, Mark Gunzinger and Carl Rehberg note that the U.S. military still lacks the ability to defeat large numbers of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft, and other emerging guided weapons threats.  Indeed, they argue that to date tangible progress toward fielding high capacity air and missile defenses has been minimal.

Workshop:  Current State and Long-Term Prospects for China’s Defense and Strategic Technological Development

Organized by the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, this one-day workshop examines these and other questions with a diverse line-up of leading subject matter experts in the study of China (political science, economics, technology, foreign relations, and national security) and strategic affairs.

The Gathering Pacific Storm edited by Tai Ming Cheung and Thomas G. Mahnken

The Gathering Pacific Storm: Emerging U.S.-China Strategic Competition in Defense Technological and Industrial Development, edited by Tai Ming Cheung and Thomas G. Mahnken

A rich and expansive discussion of this competition across a diverse range of domains, including air, sea, space, and emerging technologies, provides a comprehensive understanding of how complex and varied this contest is becoming, as well as its strategic and global implications.