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Army Secretary McCarthy Visits CSBA

On January 23, 2020, Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy and his team participated in a roundtable with CSBA’s Board, Council, leadership and research staff on the current state of the U.S. Army, his priorities for the organization, and how the Army is integrating new technologies and operating concepts into the service. Following introductions and an opening presentation, Secretary McCarthy actively engaged with attendees on questions concerning the application of land power in the 21st century, Army people initiatives, and how he and his uniformed and civilian colleagues are contributing to the joint force.

Five Priorities for the Air Force’s Future Combat Air Force

The 2018 National Defense Strategy mandates increasing the capacity, lethality, and survivability of America's joint force in the threat environments of the 21st century. CSBA’s latest report assesses five critical priorities for the U.S. Air Force’s combat air force (CAF) in support of these objectives. The report recommends accelerated procurement of the F-35A, the B-21 stealth bomber, new unmanned systems, and weapons that would increase the CAF’s survivability and ability to operate over long ranges.

Winning the Invisible War: Gaining an Enduring U.S. Advantage in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Participating in the release of CSBA’s latest major study, several CSBA scholars and outside experts offered new insights and analysis on the military implications of emerging sensor and communications technologies. CSBA Senior Fellow Bryan Clark, Senior Analyst Whitney Morgan McNamara, and Research Fellow Timothy A. Walton discussed how the growing sophistication of civilian and military electromagnetic spectrum capabilities has resulted in an increasingly congested and contested electromagnetic environment.